Regular teeth cleaning, good way to eliminate bad breath


Regular teeth cleaning, good way to eliminate bad breath

There are several specific ways to eliminate bad breath: l.

Found the cause, symptomatic treatment: As the saying goes, because it has been clear, governance is square.

People with bad breath should first go to the hospital’s stomatology department to check whether they have oral diseases. At the same time, please ask the physician to do a comprehensive physical examination, focusing on some systemic chronic diseases associated with bad breath.

Once the cause of bad breath has been actively cooperated with the doctor to carry out both the symptoms and the symptoms, the elimination of bad breath will be effective.


Stick to brushing your teeth every morning and evening and mouthwash after meals to keep your mouth clean and hygienic: this is the most effective way to improve bad breath.

People with bad breath especially need to develop good oral hygiene habits, correctly master the method of brushing, timely remove the food residue, soft scale, and control the growth and reproduction of oral bacteria, which will stay in the tooth surface, teeth and vaginal lip groove, and bad breath will alsoNaturally eliminated.


Regular tooth cleaning in addition to bad breath: At present, dental hospitals or stomatology departments all over the country, generally carry out dental cleaning clinics, using ultrasonic cleaning to clean teeth, has become a new fashion for people’s healthy life, and is gradually accepted by many urban people.

Bad breath removes plaque, soft scale, and calculus by cleaning the teeth, improving both bad breath and preventing periodontal disease.

Generally, according to their own conditions, it is advisable to clean your teeth once every six months or so.


Chinese medicine diet in addition to bad breath: the motherland medicine believes that anyone who has digestive dyspepsia, labor injury or lung and large intestine fever can have bad breath, the principle of treatment is clear lung and stomach heat, moistening dryness.

銆€銆€If the diet is not suitable, the bad breath caused by stomach fumigation, in addition to less food, fat and spicy products, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, patients can use the heat of the doctor, detoxification, cooling blood, laxative effect”Treatment, that is, taking Huanglian, Huangqi, Shengdi, Danpi, Cimicifuga, raw gypsum, red peony and other traditional Chinese medicine group decoction.

For those who have a bad breath on the liver fire, you can take a proper amount of lotus core and simmering water to help you eliminate bad breath.

In addition, people with bad breath can also drink black tea, coffee, or musk, 3 grams of Perrin; boiled water or gargle, can also receive heat and moisturizing, avoid obesity and deodorization, tooth ulcersThe effect.