It also needs water in winter.


It also needs water in winter.

When you hear “water replenishment,” people generally think that this is a summer thing.

But Japanese experts point out that winter needs to consciously replenish water.

銆€銆€First of all, the winter climate is dry, so unconsciously replenishing water can cause water shortage in the body.

People generally sweat more in the summer and are more likely to dry their mouths, so the water they drink can be used accordingly.

But in winter, it doesn’t sweat and it’s easy to dry. After a long time, the body will be seriously deficient in water, which will create opportunities for virus invasion. This is why people are more susceptible to influenza in winter.

銆€銆€Professor Yu Jizhen from Tokyo Women’s Medical University pointed out: “The cold and influenza viruses have the characteristics of breeding at low temperatures.

There is also the lack of water in the body.

When the virus invades the body through the nose and mouth, the hair strands distributed on the bronchial mucosa will block the virus and be excreted.

However, the hair can only exert its maximum defense ability when the internal humidity of the bronchus reaches 100%.

“The amount of water that people emit in a normal day is about 2.

5 liters, so it is necessary to supplement the hydration by the diet to allow the bronchial hair to exert maximum capacity on the anti-virus front.

銆€銆€The large physiological study of chronic water deficit hazards shows that middle-aged and elderly people are most prone to chronic water shortage in the body.

This is because the plasma renin and adrenaline levels are progressively decreased after middle-aged people, and the secretion of atrial natriuretic peptide is increased, resulting in the continuous loss of sodium ions in the body, which reduces the body’s thirst reaction to dehydration, and the usual drinking water is insufficient.And lead to chronic dehydration.

Long-term chronic dehydration can lead to many diseases and even directly threaten life.

銆€銆€Cataract: The liquid content in the human eye is high, and biochemical changes occur in the body when water is deficient, causing variation in the lens crystal protein of the eye, eventually causing crystal turbidity and causing decreased vision.

The data showed that elderly people who had had an acute dehydration had an increased risk of cataracts. There were two cases of dehydration or chronic diarrhea, and the incidence of cataracts was higher.

銆€銆€Arrhythmia: Through hemodynamic monitoring, when blood volume is significantly reduced, atrial fibrillation can be induced, chest tightness, palpitations, dizziness, fatigue and other phenomena.

Clinicians have used electric shock cardioversion for such patients, and the results are ineffective, and rapid venous fluid replacement can immediately restore sinus rhythm.

It can be seen that dehydration is one of the bane of arrhythmia.

銆€銆€Cerebral thrombosis: Excessive blood viscosity is one of the important causes of cerebral thrombosis.

The blood viscosity is too high, in addition to the “blood stasis” caused by abnormal blood lipids, one of the first is the lack of water in the body.

Among them, nighttime water loss is the most serious, replacing platelet cohesion and alignment force, so the morning is the peak of cerebral thrombosis.

銆€銆€Accumulation of harmful substances: chronic water shortage can not only reduce the amount of urine, but also reduce the function of the skin, reduce the secretion of sweat glands, affect the excretion of metabolites in the body, and cause harmful substances to accumulate in the body, resulting in chronic poisoning.

This chronic poisoning is quite harmful, it can damage multiple organs, a variety of tissues, and accelerate the aging of the human body.

銆€銆€Therefore, people should pay special attention to supplementing water when they are middle-aged.

Any spring, summer, autumn and winter should keep enough water in the body.

Experts believe that water intake should be appropriate, but also timely, in general, a small amount of multiple drinking water is better.