Common misunderstandings of heavy hammer depression

Common misunderstandings of heavy hammer depression

Press the weight down to exercise the triceps, especially the long and sunken head.

  Common wrong movements The upper arm leaves the main shaft, the elbow joint is raised too high, and the forearm is not fully flexed, usually the triceps does not fully contract (Figure D).

When the forearm is not fully straightened during depression, the active muscle cannot reach the peak contraction state, and the action is not in place, and the effect is not good.

  Correction method The above two kinds of errors appear to be overburden in the end. Active muscle loss controls the weight, and the exercise load should be adjusted.

  Action essentials stand position, holding the short handles with both hands, the upper arm close to the body double room.

Flex your arms and use the contraction force of the triceps to press the short handle from top to bottom until both arms are straightened so that the biceps of the arms are in the “peak contraction” position, stop a little, and then control with the excess tricepsSlowly restore it upward (Figures F, G).

  Action points To improve the exercise effect, the upper arm should always be close to the body when doing the action, the elbow joint should not be raised, and the triceps must be fully contracted and completely contracted.

In addition, the main shaft should not be swung back and forth during the exercise.