Why is the body of yoga so good?


It turned out that this action is thin!

Why is the body of yoga so good?
It turned out that this action is thin!

The increasing amount of learning, as well as the pressure of life and busy work, feels extremely tired, and the immunity will be much lower. Correspondingly, because of neglecting health care, you will find yourself becoming more and more bloated, and eating more is fast food.It’s a day to go to work, go out to work early in the morning, and go home at night until the night.

This kind of diet and lifestyle makes it difficult for you to exercise and reach a slim body.

Looking at more and more gyms, you decide to go for a fitness card and go to the gym for a good weekend.

A variety of fitness methods really make you feel very good, but the exercise is not casual, according to your own situation, exercise is inevitable, it is recommended that you do yoga.

By practicing yoga, you can help you lose weight and care for your body. So, what should you do?

Sitting on a weight-loss yoga diet, you can sit on a yoga mat, here, first introduce the double lotus seat.

This sitting position is quite simple for those who practice yoga regularly.

Straighten your legs forward and slowly turn your right leg; when your right leg is turning, place your right foot on your left thigh, keeping your soles facing up; at the same time, the left calf will rotate; then, put it on our right thighThe soles of the feet are still facing up.

The shoulders, the back is straight, the lower jaw is closed, and the two hands are stacked, sitting straight.

During this period, the eyes are closed and meditation is performed.

At the beginning, you will feel that your legs are sour and stick to it slowly.

From ten minutes, to half an hour increment.

This action can promote blood flow, especially for leg weight loss.

Lying down on a yoga mat, slowly lift your left leg and close your upper body; hold your left foot on your foot and try to make your thigh hit your stomach; at the same time, your body can’t bend and stay straight; leftThe legs are slowly lifted up and kept upright; the hands follow the left leg and slowly stretch upwards; the right leg is used for the same movement.

This action can help you correct the excess meat in your legs. It is very good for the stovepipe. It can exercise the leg muscles during the stretching process and make the leg muscles stronger.

Triangular weight loss standing yoga mat, legs open about half a shoulder width, the feet are extended and tilted, showing a 60-degree angle; two hands drooping, placed in the body slowly calming the mind; heart hands began to lift sideways, untilOur shoulders, start to inhale, the upper body begins to shake; the right arm, touch down to the left foot, look up at the fingertips of the right hand when looking up; inhale again, the right arm down, touch the right footThe left hand lifted up, still looking up, looking at the fingertips of the left hand.

This kind of action can exercise our waist, hands, legs, reorganize the excess meat in the waist, and when the arm is shaking, it can also make the elbow excess meat, let you thin waist, stovepipe.

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At present, yoga health care is more and more liked by everyone. By practicing yoga, you can improve your health. This kind of weight loss effect, one of them, I hope everyone realizes that it is best to carry out under the guidance of professional teachers.To avoid big troubles.