Why can music stimulate people’s sex?


Why can music stimulate people’s sex?

The moving language of the opposite sex and the wonderful music, the reason why there is such a great magic, should be attributed to human hearing.

銆€銆€Language expression is a kind of psychological activity, which can grind many psychological qualities and accomplishments of people, including world outlook, cultural level, moral cultivation, talent, etc. Therefore, an elegant talk makes the opposite sex feel good.

Between lovers, sweetly confessing to the heart, the specific sentiments and meanings given by these languages make sex to be sublimated.

Some hypocrites use the magical effect of language. After defrauding the goodwill of the opposite sex, they use the vows to make the other party easy to follow.

Therefore, in the process of love, we must be good at identifying the authenticity of the language, and do not arbitrarily agree to the non-participation of the opposite sex.

銆€銆€However, not everyone’s language can evoke the passion of sex.

Some strangers of eroticism, flirting in front of women, use various filthy language to try to provoke their sexual desire, and take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity, but most people get slap and spit.

This is because language has to produce sexual love and must have certain psychological conditions.

銆€銆€The language between lovers is easy to be sexy and intoxicated.

A young man loves a girl very much. They live in the same building. Whenever they hear the voice of a girl, the young man will feel a burst of excitement.

This shows how important a person’s psychological state is to the sexual love produced by hearing.

As one musician said, only a pleasant mood can make a wonderful music.

銆€銆€Although the content of the language plays a decisive role, the tone, tone and feelings of the language can directly affect its effect.

When a man hears the sweet voice of a woman, it is a kind of beautiful enjoyment. When a woman hears a man’s low, handsome throat sound, he has a sense of security and a male charm.

The hoarse throat of a woman and the delicate tone of a man can greatly reduce the appeal of language.

The reason why music has a strong appeal and appeal, the sound that comes with it is beautiful.

銆€銆€Music acts on the auditory, through the perfect combination of vocabulary, rhythm, and melody. Therefore, it does not even have language, but the sense it expresses is more magical and often makes people fascinated.

銆€銆€The popular “strip dance” abroad is not only visually stimulating sexual stimulation, but also the sexual teasing of people is quite profound.

Some people like to put some relaxed and elegant songs when making love. In addition to making the sexual behavior have a wonderful color, the main thing is to arouse the sexual excitement between each other and fully appreciate its pleasure.

This part of the population generally has a higher cultural accomplishment and musical hobbies, because this kind of language has no sound, only the sound of notes, not anyone can perceive it.

銆€銆€Love song is a combination of music and language. It has both the direct expression of language content and the wonderful presentation of music melody. Therefore, it can stimulate people’s passion.

Love songs are mostly intoxicating, and it is easy to make lovers emotionally resonate.

So far, some ethnic groups, with songs to propose marriage, is the special role of love songs.

銆€銆€It is worth mentioning that elegant and healthy music can sculpt people’s quiet bathing, evoke the beautiful things in the hearts of the people, purify the love; and the decadent negative voices will make people fall and go astray.

Therefore, we must strengthen music cultivation and enhance recognition.