A-share bungee jumping in the first week of the year of the rat

A-share bungee jumping in the first week of the year of the rat: 30 billion yuan in funds to sweep the north to recover 908 shares
How does market sentiment affect trading during unusual times?Tan Wenqing, the top investor in China, founder and principal of Enoch Education, takes you to read Financial Psychology. Welcome to listen for free! In the first week of the Wind Year of the Mouse, the A-shares changed dramatically, the turnover exceeded 900 billion yuan in a row, the pharmaceutical and technology sectors rose, 908 companies grew this week, and market confidence was restored.  On February 7, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fluctuated at a high level and ended their closing. The Shanghai Composite Index rose by 0.33% closed at 2875.96 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.10% closed at 10611.55 points; GEM Index rose 0.18% closed in 2015.At 80 o’clock, Wonderwide’s total turnover exceeded 920 billion yuan, setting a new high recently.(Image source: Wind financial terminal “Shanghai-Shenzhen integrated screen”) The transaction volume hits a new high recently. The turnover is an important indicator of the market trend. Since December last year, the A-share volume has increased, and it has maintained at 60 million for several consecutive trading days.At the level of RMB-700 billion, the volume and price are perfectly matched.On the first trading day of the Year of the Rat, due to the impact of the epidemic, A shares fell sharply, but the next two trading days, funds entered the market to sweep the goods. On February 4, Wonderwide’s A transaction volume exceeded 900 billion yuan; FebruaryOn the 5th, Wonderwide A’s turnover reached more than 8,600 trillion, followed closely; On February 6, 7th, Wonderwide A’s turnover exceeded 900 billion yuan in a row, and continued to reach a recent high.Rising, we can see that the dips in funds are menacing.(Image source: Wind financial terminal “Shanghai-Shenzhen integrated screen”) A-share bungee jump, the new high index stopped closing on February 7, and the GEM index closed at 2015.80 points, successfully standing at 2000 points for two consecutive days, and hit a new high since 2017.Purely, in the first week of the Year of the Rat, the market fluctuated tremendously. Except for the GEM index, the Shanghai Composite Index and the Shenzhen Component Index all recovered most of their declines after a continuous rebound.(Image source: Wind financial terminal “Shanghai-Shenzhen integrated screen”). The market rotation of the sector has not diminished. On February 7th, the healthcare and new energy sectors that led the gains in the previous few days appeared, but the technology and environmental protection sectors 北京夜网 have improved. The Wind conceptAmong the sectors, cloud computing, environmental protection, photoresist, semiconductors and other 10 sectors rose by more than 5%, the market is still unabated.(Image source: Wind Financial Terminal “Shanghai-Shenzhen composite screen”). This week, the main net funds were exchanged for 130 billion yuan. From the perspective of the industry capital flow this week, it has gradually replaced more than 130 billion US dollars, of which the healthcare sector has the most net waste, exceeding 400One billion US dollars, and the net net value of information technology exceeds 25 billion US dollars. The net worth of materials, industry, finance, optional consumption and other sectors can also be replaced. Only a small net inflow of telecommunications services.  This week, the capital of Beishang gradually bought more than 30 billion yuan. On February 7th, the capital of Beishang decreased by US $ 3.3 billion on the day, and this week’s cumulative inflow of 300.5.9 billion U.S. dollars, which has significantly exceeded the quota for the three days before the Spring Festival. Since 2020, there has been a net inflow of 684.5.1 billion US dollars, the rapid replenishment of funds to the north, further reflecting the foreign preference for the A-share market.(Image source: Wind Financial Terminal “Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Express”) 908 companies recovered lost ground due to the continuous rise of A shares in the past four days. Although the decline was large on February 3, nearly 1,000 companies have successfully recovered lost ground.According to Wind Statistics, as of the close of February 7, there were 908 companies that have gradually increased since February. From the perspective of the industry distribution of related companies, health care is not the first place, with 249 companies; information technology is close behind, with 231Companies; industry, materials, optional consumption, a total of more than 100 companies.  In terms of specific gains, there were 69 companies with an increase of more than 30%. Among them, TEDA, Lianhuan Pharmaceutical, Daun Shares, Fangzhi Technology, Yangpu Medical, Sanwu Interconnect, Boteng (rights), NanweiShares, Yongtai Technology, Ogilvy Medical and other 10-scale companies have stopped rising for five consecutive times, gradually increasing by more than 60%.(Excluding non-Science and Technology Board companies listed in January and listed companies in February) 51 stocks of Rongrong have increased their positions on Thursday (February 6), and the balance of A-share financing and securities lending is 10,324.3.6 billion yuan, compared with 10234 in the previous trading day.2.8 billion increased by 90.08 trillion, a substantial increase in the first few days.  In fact, the financing surplus of some companies has risen sharply.Wind statistics show that from February 3 to February 6, there were 51 stocks whose financing balance increased by more than 30% and accounted for more than 1% of the market capitalization.Specifically, SINBON ‘s financing surplus increased by more than 300%, while Zeyu Pharmaceutical, Hongdou, Qixin Group, Tianci Materials, Zaisheng Technology, Jinshan Office, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical ‘s financing surplus all increased by more than 100%.