Parent-child yoga moves and children to health

Parent-child yoga moves and children to health

Many children are born with some minor illnesses, which is very bad for their health.

As a mother, you can practice parent-child yoga with your children, so that your children can improve their body coordination, synchronize, strengthen the immune system, and exercise together.

  What should parents know when practicing parent-child yoga?

  1. Understand that children may not like yoga immediately.

Just like adults, children also want to do things well, and yoga may feel a little strange to them at first.

Usually, you don’t feel weird until the third class.

  2, but also learn to encourage children to integrate the postures they have learned into each group of exercises, so as to build children’s confidence.

When doing some individuality, tell them to have a few breaths to keep them feeling safe.

  3. Limit the practice time to less than 30 minutes and use a language they like and understand.

  Before you start: Find a quiet place in your home or yard, and roll out your yoga mats.

  Communication: talk to your child about yoga.

Let her know that this is a sport and it is important to take a deep breath.

She all pays attention to some content.

As you practice, remember to praise your child’s efforts.

Create a relaxed atmosphere and prove to children that yoga is comfortable and fun.

  After practice: Rest: Walk down together and do the corpse style.

Encourage your child to close their eyes and keep quiet and serene, as if dropped into a cloud.

Stay 1?
3 minutes.

  Connect: Give your child a hug and thank her for practicing with you.

Learn about your child’s feedback, and ask her what she likes best in practice.

Be open to your child’s answers.

  Sequence: Remind the child to breathe deeply through the nose.

Asana to stay 2?
5 breaths.

Ask your child at any time about how she feels in asana, or that part of her body is struggling during practice.