Zhongding Jingxiuyuan, Qingshan Chinese Medicine Hospital health town and other projects progress broadcast


Zhongding Jingxiuyuan, Qingshan Chinese Medicine Hospital health town and other projects progress broadcast

On August 15, 2018, Houyi Street, in the Electronic Information Industrial Park of Anyuan District, the sun is shining, the flags are fluttering, the salute is screaming, and the grand event is unprecedented. The Jiangxi Pingsheng Technology Project with a total investment of RMB 500 million —— Grand opening!

Jiangxi Pingsheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, testing and sales of electronic two-and three-pole tubes. It has the most advanced machine and other hardware manufacturing equipment at home and abroad. TVR produced in Taiwan., TR and other testing equipment, as well as a group of professional R & D, engineering, technical and other technical personnel.

The company has passed the “ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system”, “SGS EU environmental certification certificate” standard certification, sales space is huge, the products are sold all over the country, exported to overseas markets, especially the Pearl River Delta, generally have customersThe unanimous praise has established a good corporate image of 鈥淧ingsheng鈥?

At present, the company has completed a number of production lines, mainly targeting the 3C industry in the international market, the lighting LED industry, and the environmentally-friendly automobile industry. It has been upgraded to upgrade in various industries, and the traditional bridge rectifier has been changed to a patch full of automation equipment.Inch* 4 inch GPP chip diffusion, TO200, TO263 / ITO220, ABS.

ABF and other high-end analog ICs, power controllers, and power supply current controllers are manufactured.

In order to enhance the happiness index of the citizens and accelerate the transformation of Qingshan’s economy, Qingshan Town continued to exert its strength and promoted the construction of Qingshan Chinese Medicine Healthy Town.

Qingshan Town has continuously improved its work. The staff worked overtime to work hard on the front line of the project construction, clear time schedule, set the task work schedule, reverse the construction period, timely track and supervise, and ensure the orderly advancement of the project.

The construction unit has a highly accurate safety production work, always puts safety production at the forefront of enterprise development, starts with the details, standardizes the construction procedures, and conscientiously does the basic work to ensure the safe and orderly construction of the project.

At present, the construction of the medical talent training base in the Chinese medicine hospital project is planned. The project is planned to build 14 floors with a construction area of 14,000 square meters. It is expected to be completed in January 2019. The project mainly develops Chinese medicine physiotherapy skills and TCM health exercises.Etiquette reception, operation management, nutrition knowledge, health medicated diet and other courses for training new Chinese medicine talents.

Gaokeng Town This year, Gaokeng Town regards the construction of the project as the top priority and the primary task of the economic work of the town. It will promote the industrial gathering, improve the people’s livelihood, enhance the development potential, and adhere to the weekly dispatch.The construction of the security project is progressing smoothly.

Recently, the Pingxiang Xinyue Asphalt Project with a total investment of 2 trillion yuan was successfully put into operation.

It is reported that the project covers an area of 50 mu and is located in Anyuan Industrial Park. It is invested by Jiangsu Xinyue Xinxing Co., Ltd. to build an environmentally friendly asphalt project. It is an asphalt warehouse, deep processing of asphalt, recycling of waste materials, asphalt concrete production and pavement.Asphalt complex with construction as one.

The company owns Sany Heavy Industry 4000 full environmental protection asphalt mixing station, supporting pipeline natural gas, asphalt storage equipment, asphalt deep processing, waste material recycling and modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt and stone processing production line, and supporting asphalt mixture laboratory.
It can provide all-round asphalt, asphalt mixture, modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt and other pavement construction services required for pavement construction.

The new plant construction project officially started on April 15.

After three months of construction, at present, Sany C8-4000 full environmentally friendly asphalt concrete mixing plant, 750 tons of asphalt storage tank, 4 wheelchair container heating pool, capacity 2 stone storage, emulsified asphalt processing have been basically completed.Production lines, laboratories, office buildings, etc., all the main projects of the project are completed and used.

It is expected that after the project is put into production, the annual output value will reach about 1 million, which will play a positive role in promoting the employment of the local labor force and promoting the development of related industries.

Danjiang Street Zhongding Jingxiuyuan Project is included in the south extension of Ping’an Zhong Avenue (Danjiang Section) with a total investment of 500 million yuan, ranking 72.

33 acres, construction area of 12.

530,000 square meters, the construction of residential buildings and commercial buildings and other facilities, a total of 1004 parking spaces.

The project was undertaken by Jingtai Real Estate Branch of Zhongding International Engineering Co., Ltd. and started construction in September 2016. It is scheduled to be completed in December 2020.

At present, the relevant procedures for project construction land have been completed, and the preliminary work for the construction of earthwork bidding and construction road hardening has been completed.

The next step is to complete the preliminary design of the project and the finishing work of the pole line relocation.

A few days ago, Zhongding International Jingxiuyuan civil servant community overlapped the earthwork project, and has submitted a plan for review and approval; the public service advertisement has been completed, the office area has been hardened, the board house has been built (no worker dormitory is set up), and the corporate CI image has been set up. The location is 100%.In place; the second survey team has entered the construction, completed the design of the structural drawings below the positive and negative zero, completed the design of the professional construction drawings, and sent the drawings for review.

Source: Anyuan released